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Magi legacy

2008-04-24 21:49:01 by Kokojo

Alright, my project magi legacy is on his way, finnaly :D (5 years afther i wanted to animate)

I have done most of the scenes, and it looks great. I still have some lag problem while putting my song on the internet, probably a streaming problem. -i hope it won't crash the song i wanna do the fight with-

Here's the not-lag-free preview of my best scene so far. I am not that great with graphics but i work on this like a freak. Still, i got 3 minutes of super-intense fight to animate afther this, and this is not gonna take a month, it will take up to three months, ekk.

Remember it is NOT lag-free yet


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2008-04-26 01:36:57

Not bad, but maybe clean up the guy's voice a bit. The girl's voice sounds cleaner than the guy's.

Kokojo responds:

Alright, il try, thanks :D.


2008-04-27 01:09:36

hi there, I like your profile ^_^

Kokojo responds:

Thanks, i like yours too.


2008-05-06 18:00:22



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2008-08-19 19:00:33

hehe a fish with no eye

eye = i

fish - i = fsh

got me for a while too :P


2009-01-08 02:26:54

I like this!
I don't know if it's what you meant by lag free, but is it possible to speed it up or something so that there is less of a gap between the lines from the people!


2009-03-18 02:44:29



2009-04-22 15:34:16

Your backgrounds are so well detailed, yet your characters are so simple...
I have no idea what your reason behind doing that is, but it does create an interestingly unique style for you to play around with. Another strong point in your movie, is how you use your "camera angle." What I mean is you zoom in on their faces for extra drama, and for that, I commend you. I can't wait until it is complete so that I may review it more accurately, but so far, great work man.