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2009-04-23 09:11:49 by Kokojo

Want to be psychoanalysed ? Il post my awnser in your comment.

A little rules : I can't do everybody, and i got to do 30-ish more people before i got public, otherwise, it can be a great read.

I ask a counter-review, to know if i am right or not, and you're strongly demanded to tell me so.

Each review takes 20-30 minutes and i can't do more than 10 in a day at maximum.

Back for more, but in disorder.

Ilikegames12 - Why the hell did you put a twelve there ?

You're a kind fellow, the normal type of people that goes : Hey, making good thing can be fun! Just as a a lot of people, you also can go out of the way and hurt, but hey, it's life and nothing will change that. You don't hate complete idiots ; you actually wish you could understand them before hating them. Your life-long goals are not too important to you as you wish to make the whole of your day, day by day. Of course you think about them, but it's not THAT important, that or you lack motivation. You enjoy life eought not to be an emo, but you seriously question it's meaning and the suffering often. ''Why?'' is comming often to you. You're also someone that unlike what he says, would like to be attached to another person. Though you are young, you seem a little bit more mature than some others, even if you fail to the meme games and mindless rambling, you often doublethink ''Why the hell am I using those words for'' ?

When you don't wanna think about something, you just forget it over the time, then supress the urge to think about it again. You're also looking for some guidance before you see something, not only in discussions, but almost everywhere, and you don't seem to know that.

Wild guess - There is one person you want to see suffer, you won't take pleasure in it, just some wild satisfaction.

Current list :


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2009-04-23 09:16:11

jeez, i'm rly lookin forward to gettin cycloneanajized!


2009-04-23 09:20:13

Strange happenings are about.

Have a nice day sir.


2009-04-23 09:30:04

I know my dick can feel it


2009-04-23 09:32:35

Can't wait to be psycho-analysed! :]

Kokojo responds:

Done !


2009-04-23 10:06:26

I await you PM.


2009-04-23 11:42:38

Hey man, i read the analysis you did on me, and to be honest that was more or less perfect! I've saved it to my computer, i think it's amazing!

All the best man, take care!

- Conor


2009-04-23 11:43:51

Good to know you're keeping this :)
I'm looking forward to your analysis, but honestly I don't think you can be too accurate over the internet. And don't worry, I'll let you know if you're right or not.

BTW, you CAN edit your news post (so you can include the list and new things).


2009-04-23 23:01:30

I'd prefer your response in PM, please. Thank you. Now follows my quote from your first thread that got closed.

At 4/22/09 01:31 AM, Kokojo wrote: To subscribe, just write a line or two on why/what you want me to dress your psycho profile here :D

Because I lack that ability most or all people have to look within themselves and know anything about themselves. I have to rely on other people to know who I am. I know absolutely nothing about myself.


2009-04-23 23:28:24

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

I live my life with no regrets. I think it's just a waste to be regretful of things because that is a negative emotion that one needn't waste their time with. You learn from everything you do and every experience makes you who you are. There's no reason to live with regrets. I am proud of what I am, because I decide what I want and work to achieve it and also because I accept myself as I am.
I've always thought about death quite a bit, but not in the way where I think any day might be my last. I do want to experience death, it's something I'll have to do. But I'll do the death thing when I get there and I'll do the living thing while I can. I like focusing on the experiences I have throughout my life. I do not worry about the end, or have any regrets.

You are right about the Mother Nature part. I don't know what the half-a-ball thing means, explain? I do tend to go for things even if I'm unsure about them; sometimes being "pretty sure" is good enough.

I do not listen to music so that I don't have to think. Music isn't a mindless activity for me; it's so much more than that. If I want to shut out the bad shit in my life, I'll go read a book and get wrapped up in that instead until I'm fine to come back to my world. I may fantasize, but I also deal with things head on. Sometimes not right away though, I'm a bit lazy. My NG name has nothing to do with my personality, it's just a word. I do like being dominant sometimes just because I like to feel in control.
I don't wanna change the world; I don't want the world to change me. I do want some things changed, yes. And so I change myself and hope that others may follow. I help out with things where I can and I most definitely think that people can make a difference; the world is changing every day!

I think conformity would be a terrible thing. I'm very into everyone thinking for themselves and finding their own way. I try to follow my own path and think for myself instead of just mindlessly following anything. That's not to say I'm against conformity in every way, that's not possible or effective, especially for a society. I love how different people and cultures and customs and ideas are all around the world and I think it's important for that to be preserved. We are all one people who share one Mother Earth, but we also all have our own unique perspectives and that is important. With different varying factors physically and culturally around the world, it's no wonder we aren't all the same.

(Updated ) Kokojo responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for the counter review, this is very informative.

As for the half-a-ball, it means you got some balls and you go face things when you need to.


2009-04-23 23:56:25

hey I asked if you could psychoanalyze me in your thread, but Im not on the list... was there a certain number of people you could do and I was too late or am I not good enough ;) or can I be on the list still?


2009-04-24 01:38:45

do me please


2009-04-24 10:15:49

I can't wait to hear mine.
I don't understand is this part of your job or something , inform me :)


2009-04-24 19:58:13

you got me spot on doc.


2009-04-24 21:43:10

some of it was right, like "You seems relatively happy with life, but bored."

i don't really hate spammers, but i think the rest of that part was acurate, maybe.

i'm not sure about the purpose thing.

and yes, Devolution of Homer is correct.

i think the irony thing is true, and i do hate making errors, but i make quite a few of them. i also think i might be Obsessive Compulsive

i do rely on my parents quite a bit, as i still live with them.

overall, some was true some wasn't.

good job.


2009-04-27 21:54:53



2009-04-29 01:03:37

So I assume I'm supposed to post here for the psychoanalysis, correct?

Kokojo responds:

Yes, sorry i haven't been active latelty, but like everyone i am doing finals for the next two weeks and i got a job. Should do 5-6 tomorrow.


2009-05-08 05:48:28

thanks mate but i dont really like it


2009-05-09 00:40:44

hmmm im not sure that you got me that right! but anyways, you are right that i like to make other happy, usually over myself! I am energetic and fun, but im definately not happy with life and everyone knows that. I do keep my problems to myself, except i always tell one person cos i find it hard to keep them inside to him! You are right when you say something has troubled me lately, i think it will for a very long time and i will always back track to it! Thanks for that though! : )


2009-05-09 03:00:19

So do we just post here and you'll psychoanalyze us?


2009-05-09 09:45:09

Cool, can't wait for mine >_<


2009-05-10 00:48:57

do me please


2009-05-11 07:11:48

Oh, my God. I'm actually pretty speechless as I never thought you'd get so much right. Seriously. I do consider myself as being mature, more than my years anyways, because of situations and whatnot. And yes I do regret a lot of past actions, I am very positive and am not discourages alot. I don't know how you got all these things so on the mark. I guess in a way I do seek attention, it is a nice feeling to get good attention and I love proving my point, and arguing just to prove a point or get it across, or just for the sake of getting a reply back to be honest.

Yes you could say that I like getting out of the world, I guess I come on here to escape from life. And a massage would be very very helpful right now as I've been getting very bad backaches. I like scented things, but not too much, just to let you know. I like it to be there, but not so much that it can become intoxicating. But how did you know that?

I miss a lot of stuff that I used to do. I miss my friends and family that I've drifted apart from, my old life, the things I used to do. And half of it's a sexual deviancy another half, the bit that I love is my niece. She was a part of me, not just my friend, but she was my best friend. Without her I just seem, I dunno, I can't explain it. But if she was here, I'd feel better.

Although I didn't feel sad inside when I read this, I felt happy, elated, ecstatic that you could get so much write and yet hardly know me.

A big project? You're extremely bang on there aswell, I wanted to be an author, I was writing a book. But stopped halfway through, although people told me to get it published, but I just pushed it to the back of my mind. Maybe I'll try that again.

Thanks, it seems you know me more than I know myself :] <3


2009-05-11 08:27:20

I want one!


2009-05-24 01:55:05

I suppose this will be interesting, Get to me when you can, it is always good to train your mind's eye to be able to pierce through the mist of the conscious mind, and penetrate deep within one's soul.

Also, probably are aware that usually if you are dead right with someones fears and insecurities, the counter review will criticize you to dodge reality.


2009-05-30 23:00:04

Hm, has this died..?

Kokojo responds:

Im lacking time + motivation. I need a job or I won't be able to continue this anymore.


2009-06-09 08:53:42

RIP cool gimmick.



2009-06-12 00:05:54

do me again


2009-07-12 10:52:06

it's not happenin D:


2009-07-20 09:46:16

Fuck yeeah. you basically summed me up in a nutshell.


2009-08-13 18:42:03

Are you still doing this? Please PM me when you've done me ^_^