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Entry #4

Moar Psychoanalysis

2009-08-20 01:11:33 by Kokojo

Yeah I know I din't complete session one.... I am a lazy bastard.
Post up a 2 line + motivation for me if you want a psychoanalysist, or else, I WONT DO IT"

Finnaly did one.

Imlunchboxxx - Only one X is needed, sir.

You're a person that likes it straight, even if you still ponder if what you heard is all, you like details when it's concerning something you like, but you yourself won't go on with details.. You have your way of doing and thinking and you won't differ from it unless you get a pretty good argument. You like to use irony on people that you don't like, since you can get some fun on hating.

You still have the general questions - Am I normal, and how's my life. You awnser these by not doing much nothing, you dismiss the questions shortly after you ask yourself. You like to say what special experience you've had in the past because it attracts attention, witch you like when people pay up time to talk to you.

Wild guess - Love din't work out so great for you... you seem deceived and discarting.

andhination - and...what ?

Well, you're kinda harsh on life interiously, heh ? You would like to be able to get more fun from it, but you have too much trouble with it, money, job, people, love... all failled in a kind of bullshit that is hard to absorb from the view you had of life when you were younger. Still, you like love and such, and respect it a lot, but wierdly... heh, you respect and hate it.

You have also a good sense of justice, giving everyone his chance to be right or wrong and to talk freely. Idiots are idiots, but you won't probly say it directyl, prefering irony (logic, often). Il guess you believe in some higher power (probably christiannity, heh) that could explain something in your life, probably a guide also to a conduct that shall be qualified as ''good''.

Logic, usefullness and respect are perhaps good ways to tell you what you are

Wild guess - Seriously, I would bet on a highly traumatic experience where you got saved later, witch formed this kind of personality you have.

Personal comment ; Good job, it's rare to find someone that can be qualified as sane and dosen't try to be special by all means.


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2009-08-28 20:44:29

Well, I always had a interest in physiology So I suppose when ever you get the time, psychoanalyze me.


2009-09-26 00:07:16

doooooooo it


2010-12-06 21:25:09

word up thansk for the analysis