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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, could be better

Excellent game, loads of fun, but the upgrades could have been better. Different style of bullets...not 3x then stronger, repeat.

Here is my ''Im on a boat level.

574.9,403.35|f_w:723.35,403.35|fl_w:8 71.7,403.35|fl_w:521.7,391.7|fl_w:926 .65,391.65|fl_w:723.35,391.65|fl_w:44 6.7,381.65|fl_w:993.35,380|fs_w:571.7 ,381.65|fl_w:423.35,370.05|fl_w:625,3 70|fl_w:826.65,370|fl_w:1028.35,368.3 5|fl_w:423.35,360|fl_w:625.1,360|fl_w :826.7,359.9|fl_w:1030,360|fl_w:423.1 5,351.7|fl_w:623.3,350|fl_w:826.7,350 |fl_w:1028.35,351.65|fl_i:423.35,341.
fl_i:720.05,333.35|fl_i:918.35,333.35 |fl_i:790,380.05|f_i:641.7,380|fl_w:6 23.35,321.65|fl_w:820.05,321.65|fl_w:
410,308.35|fl_w:611.65,308.35|fl_w:81 0,308.35|fl_w:376.7,296.65|fl_w:338.3 5,283.35|fl_w:575,296.65|fl_w:776.7,2 96.7|fl_w:976.65,296.65|fl_w:538.35,2 83.35|fl_w:738.35,283.35|fl_w:940,283 .35|f_w:1183.35,283.35|w_w:691.7,216.
691.7,11.65|ws_w:693.35,-25.05|f_w:69 1.7,-63.35|f_w:493.35,218.3|w_w:491.6 5,151.65|f_w:491.7,85|w_w:956.7,215|f _w:956.65,86.65|ws_w:958.35,123.3|ws_
w:958.35,51.65|f_w:961.7,8.3|fl_w:283 .35,258.25|fl_w:311.7,270|fl_w:1101.7 ,270|fl_w:1126.7,260|f_w:1088.35,283.
3|f_w:960,308.35|fl_w:1110.05,310|c_n :518.3,38.3|c_n:693.35,-103.35|c_s:96 0,-31.7|c_s:369.95,201.65|w_w:175,525 |c_k:775.05,238.35|c_q:833.4,231.65|c _n:461.65,38.25|c_n:659.95,100|c_s:72 3.35,101.65|c_n:561.7,240|ws_i:100,52 1.65|f_w:1126.6,248.3|c_s:641.7,245|c _s:911.65,239.95|ws_w:1089.9,203.35|f _w:1126.6,238.35|f_w:1095.05,170|c_n:
1085.05,129.95|c_s:986.7,241.65|c_p:1 201.6,129.95|

The Frustration Game 2 The Frustration Game 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I managed to get to level 9, but got stuck there.... whats a fish with no eye ? is it a internet-wise joke ?

I need helpppp ;P

Otherwise this is excellent and not repetitive.

Pico: Ace Attorney Pico: Ace Attorney

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game.

I liked the style and all, but din't like the very part before the end (too easy and you wont see him again!) Anyway, for a-bot, show him his Player.

burningice579 responds:

I actually suck at making trials and storylines, so sorry, hehe. I'll brush up my skills though, so I could make better ones. Glad you like it =D

Black'n'White Black'n'White

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This could have been great

But the lack in better controls killed it, please upgrade it.

Mouse Under Siege Mouse Under Siege

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No !

My mouse, my beautifull mouse!!!

Only lasted a minute. Great job man, though you should mabey add some a one-time usable ''blow the whole map''

Beat the Boss Beat the Boss

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I though it was good....

This was very good, but then too hard, make a life regen or add 1 second to each timer, or else its way too hard.

The Tutorial Collab '08 The Tutorial Collab '08

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Thanks to you guys, now i can make people run and make good looking trees (FINNALY!)



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Depredation responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it :).

WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Seriously, wow.

Hello there, i see you have made my dream game come true. i don't know why, but right now i will continue playing this for a very long time.

awesome, favorited.

You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Try making the game longuer and harder...
And too, you only got a 4 beacause of the song.

Cannon Man Cannon Man

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good but...

Its good and funny, but it could use some more feature, pirana plant trying to eat you, cannon man that can jump once or twice, ect.